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Why Choose iFixandRepair?

  • Multi-Billion Dollar Device Repair Industry
  • Best Corporate Partnerships in the Business
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
  • Preferred Pricing with Industry's Top Suppliers
  • 100+ Locations
People with access to running water
People with access to electricity
People with cellphones by 2020

Source: Cisco Mobile Data

  • 91% of people have their phone within an arm's reach 24 hours a day, Source: Forbes
  • 2% of people replace their existing phone with the next model (usually 1-2 years later) Source: Gallup
  • 98% of people who don't THIS IS YOUR CUSTOMER!


  • This is a privilege. Our brand doesn't partner with anyone not willing to respect the brand.
  • $100K net worth, at least $75K available in cash.
  • Willing to do the work. It's a rewarding business, but not for everyone.
  • Desire to make iFixandRepair a little better than yesterday.
  • Desire to make customers’ lives a little better than before they walked into your store.


From the time the ink dries on the franchise agreement, we aim to deliver an opening within approximately 90 days. Have you ever been a little envious of a person who hasn’t yet experienced the book or movie you love? We’re feeling a little envious of you.

Many of our franchisees own multiple stores and work remotely, however you should expect to be working out of your store(s) the first 6 months to a year. Our brand is only as strong as the weakest franchisee. This is why we’re selective about the candidates we consider. An absentee owner will not only have a difficult time succeeding, he will have a difficult time assimilating with our community. We’re very protective of our brand. And building the foundation that first year is critical to Y(OUR) success. Hiring strong managers, capable employees and executing our fundamental strategies and systems doesn’t ensure you’ll succeed, but not doing them ensures you won’t. We can’t fix everything.

We guide you through every step. We’ll help you evaluate location, negotiate with suppliers, approximate cost and timing for build-out and fixtures. Upon signing a franchise agreement, it’s common for franchisees to feel anxiety about what’s next. We’ve considered these “nexts” so you can focus on each single task upon you. We’ve discovered solutions to many of the challenges and adventures you can expect to face – from networking and management systems, marketing, social media, community outreach, employee culture and the presentation of the store. We’ve stumbled (uh – a lot) so you don’t have to.

You can expect bi-monthly business strategy conference calls whereby corporate partners, managers and franchisees discuss best practices. We’ve spent several months improving our reach through social media (Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook). You’ll have the opportunity to adopt ideas from other successful operators. You can expect SEO guidance just for your market. You can expect a library of online marketing and promotional materials tailored to your store and your community. You can expect live support to discuss concerns, challenges, and ultimately solutions. However, we’re looking for givers. Givers with feedback, ideas – solutions. There’s a power in engaging with our brand development team, our customers and other franchisees. The community can do wonders for your business if you lend to it.

We look forward to welcoming you to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida or Hurst, Texas for a week of training. During that time, you will learn our point of sale system, how to repair most devices, and operational best practices. You’ll have the opportunity to execute repairs and mix in with our talent as they make customers lives better. Do you remember the elation you felt the first time you held your own resurrected device in your hands? Imagine watching your own employees giving that gift to hundreds of folks in your community. Training will cost $5,000 for you and one additional manager/technician. Each additional employee – $500.

Our franchise fee is $20,000. Our royalty fee is 6%. In our Franchise Disclosure Document, we’ve estimated costs for you. You’ll need to consider the cost of rent, fixtures, build-out and your investment in people. Most franchisees invest approximately $85,000 – $115,000.