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Your Drone needs to be fixed

As a drone owner, you may have experienced one or more of the issues listed down below, but we are here to help you! Bring your drone to your closest iFixandRepair location and we will ship it to our Drone Repair Expert Center located in Tampa, Fl. where one of our Drone experts technicians will fix it for you.

To keep your Drone in good conditions remember it also needs regular care and maintenance. The way you recover your Drone after a flight is crucial for the good state of your precious device. It is important that you always inspect it for damages after every flying session.

We can fix your
DJI Drone

There’s nothing we haven’t fixed (trust us), and we can repair even those DJI Drones that seem ready for the trash bin or are very new for fixing them.

Before buying a new drone, bring your DJI Drone to our experts, and you’ll see why we’re the best in the market. Whether you want to wait for your repair or leave your DJI Drone in our capable hands, you can trust our iFixandRepair team.

From Colorado to South Florida, our capable technicians will bring your DJI Drone back to life expertly and quickly, in one of our repair centers near you.

We can fix it

DJI Drone Repairs

You love flying, but crashing will always be a risk. The crashing may result from conditions beyond your control or may result from your fault, at the end doesn’t really matter whose fault was. The important thing here is to keep your drone safe and if anything happens you should know that we are here for you and for taking your drone back to the air as if nothing ever occurred.

First Person View

This is the natural way to enjoy your drone, but it is important to keep it safe in the air. It can be easy to lose track of your drone when you are in FPV because your attention is completely focused on the video screen and not in your drone. To prevent crashes when flying try to always keep an eye on the drone and how it is moving according to the environment or go with a good friend who can do that for you.

Lose Orientation

It is easy to lose track of the orientation of your drone when you are learning to fly. Sometimes you may want to turn right but your drone thinks otherwise and goes left, exactly where the wall is. To prevent this, try always to keep your drone flying in an open area. And if following this advice and still an accident occur don ́t worry, you can always bring your flying device to iFixandRepair.

Flying Too Far Away

It is tempting to test the limits of your drone as to how far, or high it can fly. But you have to be careful with it since it can result in the loss of your drone or a very hard crashing. It is also very important that you know that it is illegal that you fly your drone higher than 400 feet. In iFixandRepair, we strongly recommend that you always keep your Drone in your sight view to prevent any accident.

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